Sundering the Gods

On the Eve of Snows,

come heavens or hells,

war will rage.


Sundering the Gods: Eve of Snows

EVE OF SNOWS: The first novel in the trilogy is available now in paperback, with the ebook release for sale on June 25th... Amazon.


Sundering the Gods: Trail of Pyres

TRAIL OF PYRES: The second novel in the trilogy should head for the editor this fall with (hopefully!) a Christmas or early 2019 release.


Sundering the Gods: City of Ghosts

CITY OF GHOSTS: The third book in the trilogy stands at about 10% finished, with the ending fully roughed out. The thought of writing this ending gives me goosebumps. I'm going to love it. 


THE CONTESSA OF MOSTOL: In CITY OF GHOSTS, readers will the meet the Contessa of Mostol. She is a lady of the Gorotan with a tale of revenge which pays its respects to the classic COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. 


STARS IN THE DRAGON'S EYE: This is a potential novella from the POV of a character in the Sundering the Gods Trilogy. Her POV isn't critical to the main plots of Books Two and Three, so if those chapters get pulled, this novella will result. It will probably be exclusive content for newsletter members at first, and with enough interest, it might get published.

A KINGDOM FOR SINNERS AND SAINTS: This trilogy (early in its planning stages) follows events after the SUNDERING THE GODS Trilogy. Not much can be said here without being a spoiler. Book one's working Title: Dark Cloud Dancing.

EYES OF THE FOURTH QUEEN: So far this is conceptually a stand-alone novel set on the Olfindara Islands which begins just as the world is coming out of the Great Forgetting. The king is dead, and everyone's memories are scrambled. It's a murder mystery in a kingdom on the verge of civil war, and even the murderer may not remember they're guilty.

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