The Age of Stability

The Age of Stability is a period of several thousand years, and it is this period in time during which most works of fiction will be based. The Age itself is broken into three Eras, which may be abbreviated F.E., S.E. and T.E., for First, Second and Third Era respectively. Of course the peoples of the world keep their dates in different ways, but for simplicity's sake we will generally keep references of dates to this base system.

In the first trilogy, time may be referenced in several ways, such as "This is the five hundred and second year of remembrance" or "... of remembered time."

There is one key event that launches the Age of Stability, and so that will be the focus here, rather than giving spoiler details of the world in which the Characters will wander. This monumental event is known as:

The Day of ForgettinG

One moment the denizens of the Sister Continents are living their lives, going about their ordinary days, whether waging war or tending a field, and the next thing they know, they remember nothing. This memory loss is absolute at first, but in time folks tend to remember their names and other familiar things, but not always. Highly trained skills, habits, rituals, and daily events are the types of things people eventually remember. Needless to say, the Age of Stability started with a good deal of chaos and in many areas of the world it took centuries to settle down- such as the Wars of Succession in the Tek regions that flared for nearly 300 years due to so many claimants to so many thrones and it affected their politics for centuries to come.

Following the Forgetting books were extremely prized possessions, as were maps, despite the fact that the maps were horribly inaccurate. The destruction during the Age of Warlords was catastrophic, as many libraries fell into the seas while others were burned or scattered to the winds as Warlords sought knowledge from the enemy and destroyed texts to protect their knowledge from falling into enemy hands. To increase the dilemna for scholars, many of the surviving texts contradict each other, and seem to have no basis in the geographic reality of the world.

The first Trilogy set in the world, Sundering the Gods, takes place in 502 F.E. on the frozen island of Kaludor and involves the Silonê people and their struggles. Book One is finished and sent out to an editor for fine tuning.

The first stand alone novel, Faces of the Four Queens, is set on tropical islands right after the Forgetting, but the thing is, maps suggest they shouldn't be islands. Cities and lands are gone with everyone's memories, and the king lays murdered by an unknown hand. This novel is in progress, the first sample chapter will be available soon.

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