Armor in the SCRPG is a complicated thing from a design standpoint as we attempt to make armor function in a logical manner, at least passingly similar to reality while also incorporating elements of Fantasy. The biggest pain is something vitally important to we creating the game: Hit Locations and the mix and match armor kits that go with them. The ability to wear a different armor on every piece of the body makes for a lot of bookwork for Designer and Player alike. Game Masters will get a little pass as most monsters and NPCs will not have a large variety of armor, and have "standard kits." 

With that let's take a look at a sample piece of armor from an upcoming campaign:

Darên Turtle Helm

A simple helmet fashioned from the shell of the Ôpupu turtle native to the Ôlfindâra Islands, which utilizes two layers of thick, furry hide of local goats as a liner. This is a very common piece of armor amongst Darên villagers in less civilized regions seeking inexpensive, light, effective headgear. Highly polished helms made from the Painted Ôpupu variety of turtle can be quite flashy and expensive, but of no greater quality.

Absorption Penalty: 0 Weight: 3 Inhibitor Rating: 0 Maneuver Penalty: 0/0
Mitigations= Slice: 4 Impact: 3 Pierce: 3 Burst: 2
Coverage: Head Integrity: 15
Value: 9 Heirs

Now that we have our nifty little helmet let's take a look at all these stats and get a grip on what they mean.

Absorption Penalty: This is the reduction in the Character's Absorption of Vitality Damage, which is a base 25. See: Character Combat Stats.

Weight: How heavy the armor is in pounds.

Inhibitor Rating: This rating is of concern for spell casters, as some armors inhibit the Elements necessary for the casting of spells, which can increase failure rates and minimum EP to cast a spell. In this case, a helmet fashioned from shell and skin does not effect spell casting at all.

Maneuver Penalty: This is the Minimum/Maximum Penalty associated with the piece of armor, in this case "0".

Mitigations: There are three basic types of damage dealt in the SCRPG, Slice, Impact and Pierce, and a fourth Mitigation called Burst, which applies to several types of spells, such as a fireball. The ratings beside the Mitigations indicate how effectively this armor mitigates the damage from the four types of damage on the Hit Severity Chart.

Coverage: Indicates what part of the body the armor covers.

Integrity: Represents how much damage the armor can take, and how well it resists damage.

Value: What a typical specimen of the armor will cost, in this case noted in terms of Darên currency.


Background Art by Jon Gibbons

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