Callings in Character Development

In the Sister Continents RPG characters are roughly defined by having a Calling. These Callings are general classifications which cover a broad spectrum of possibilities. Callings determine how many Training Points it takes to train skills in various categories, including the study of Spell Trees. Callings are an important part of the Character but there is a great deal of flexability in Character Development, so that a Sneak could range from a cutpurse to bandit, from cat burglar to con-man, or from spy to shadow-mage assassin. A Character's Calling is a direction not a destination, and a player will have lots of options to send their Character in whatever desired direction. The six Callings are as follows:

Fighter  -  Specialist in non-magical combat

Sneak  -  Specialist in stealth and associated skills

Mentalist  -  Internal Channelers specializing in Life and Spirit

Naturalist  -  Cross-Channeler, nature oriented

Elementalist  -  External Channeler, widely varied magic

Holy  -  Spiritual Link Channeler, widely varied magic

Every Calling has in the beginning a set of basic costs in Training Points, ranging between 2 and 5, for each category of Skills. At First Level, these Training Point costs are set in stone, but what is NOT set in stone is how much you learn from the expenditure of those points. This will be a major philosophical choice for the Player, to assign the fast learning skills to the most inexpensive to train, or to make some costly skills faster to learn? Many times a Player might want their Character to be good at a skill that is expensive to train, and to offset this, assign its Learning Rate faster than would be typical of the Calling. For more on how Skills work, check out Skills: Basic.

In addition, Characters have Specializations which allow the Character to train one additional rank of that skill per level, Double Specializations, which boosts the learning per rank of a given individul skill, and Foci, which can lower the cost of training an entire category of skills by one. 

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