Hauk Vs Orc: A Full Combat Example

(up to date with current charts as of 3/8/2013)

Hauk is once again out exploring the local woods when down by a stream he spots Karn, an Orc from the Black Tongue Tribe getting a drink. Hauk draws his sword and bangs on his shield. Karn is unimpressed, picks up his axe and shield and comes Hauk's way with a snarl.

Setting the Fight

Hauk - Offense 50, Defense 60 with Sword & Shield
Karn- Offense 60, Defense 60 with Axe & Shield

1st Clash: Hauk in DD (Defensive Disposition), Karn in OD (Offensive Disposition) - Hauk rolls 10+60=70 & Karn rolls 05+60=65, an impressive start for both combatants! Difference = Hauk +5, a Clear/Bind situation. With little advantage either way, Hauk for a simple Bind while Karn wants to Clear. Hauk rolls 51+60+5=116 while Karn rolls a 49+60=109, so Hauk eeks out a Bind situation. With only 7 points of Advantage and being in DD his safe options are fairly limited. Hauk has Two Degrees of Mastery in Grapple: Throw so he decides to give that a whirl, while Karn counters with again trying to Clear. Hauk rolls 29+60+11=100 while Karn rolls 95+60=155 and jumps well clear of Hauk.

2nd Clash: Annoyed at his missed opportunity Hauk goes OD for the second Clash and rolls 90+50=140 compared to Karn's 77+60=137 so again they find themselves in a Bind/Clear Situation with Hauk having a meager +3 Advantage. Again he goes for the Bind, but this time so does Karn, so they are automatically at Bind. This time Hauk goes for a Shield Bash while Karn uses his own Grapple: Throw. Hauk rolls a 65+50+3=118 while Karn rolls 37+60=97: Hauk avoids Karn's attempt while managing to Shield Bash the orc, 118-37=81, for [12LH6] on the Hit Chart. Karn's Absorption is still 15, so he takes 0 Vitality Damage from the 12.The Bash is an upper body hit, so he rolls location and severity (xx,8) for a hit to the shoulder and tagging Karn with 7+10(from the Bash)=17 Balance damage, which Karn fails to recover. Hauk is now at 3+17=20 Advantage so he presses the attack with a Thrust, nothing fancy here, while Karn is going for the Disengage. Hauk rolls 59+50+20=129 while Karn open ends his Disengage, 96+63+60=219, stepping back and regaining a beat of balance, in his case 10, so he is now just -7. 

3rd Clash: Hauk rolls 66+50+7=123 while Karn rolls 39+60=99, for Hauk Advantage 24 in a Simultaneous Hit Opportunity situation. Hauk considers his options, he cold take the hit at 84 (123-39) or attempt to parlay that Advantage into a better hit with a Maneuver. He opts for the Maneuver, Slip-Strike, while Karn attempts to Hook Shield. Hauk rolls 84+50+84=218-60=158 while Karn rolls 58+60=118-50=68. The Slip-Strike with a Formidable damage sword is [24HH1] which causes 24-15=9 Vitality. The Location/Severity Roll is xx,8, a Heavy strike to the poorly protected neck (only 3 mitigation vs Slice, so +5 steps) for [-25EW 25F 24L+1]. 

  • Karn is in trouble, with a pretty nasty blow to the neck. He will Fight Through the -25EW Wound but he loses 25 Focus as well as 24 Life (of 82) and bleeding at a rate of 6 Life per Round (1 plus the sword's bleed modifier). 

At the same time, Karn successfully executes Hook Shield with a 68, a [10LH3]. Hauk absorbs the Vitality, and Karn rolls an 8+3=11 on his light hit to the Left Arm Shield, and tries to yank Hauk off balance by 9+10(Shield Hook)=19. Hauk rolls well, a 14, and recovers his balance sitting on a now staggering 84 (Clash)+25(Karn's Focus)=109 Advantage. Hauk is feeling good and calls out a combination Throw - Coup De Grace while Karn contemplates three options, Disengage - Retreat combo or going Defensive, or Defensive - Disengage Combo, the latter of which he plans to follow up with Retreat and live to fight another day. Karn takes this last option and hopes the dice are kind. Hauk rolls a lowly 37+50+109=196-60=136 while Karn rolls 72+60=132. The low roll nearly cost Hauk, but he manages to succeed with his Grapple: Throw before Karn gets into Defensive, which was possibly Karn's main hope for survival. The Grapple: Throw sends Karn to the ground and because this was a combo the Coup De Grace is executed immediately, with a total Advantage of the previous 109+25(from the Throw)+50 for Coup De Grace Maneuver itself for a total of 159 Advantage. Karn has two viable Maneuver options, he can Cover with his shield and axe or Roll, and he figures getting the heck out of there is the best option, as he can still get some use of Shield in a roll. Hauk rolls 57+50+184=291 while Karn rolls an 80+60+30(half his Shield & Axe Skill)=140-50(Prone)=90, giving Hauk a 201 hit! With the Coup de Grace at Two Degrees of Mastery Hauk's sword thrust hits as Strong Damage, dealing [41MH8] adjusted being 26 Vitality, but Karn is hardly worried about that! Hauk then rolls xx,5 for a hit to the Abdomen of Karn, where his armor mitigates 7. This results in [-40DW 32F 32L+6] which puts the short story as Karn is Prone and Stunned (32F+24F=60 Focus Damage) and therefore he is an automatic kill if Hauk chooses. Of course Hauk could leave him be, in which case Karn would suffer -40 to activity from his gut wound, while bleeding at rate of 10 from his abdomen and 6 from his head, or 16 Life per round. Total Life damage taken is 24+32=56 of his 82, so in two rounds (12 seconds) he will pass 0 and go into shock at -6, and bleed to death in less than 5 rounds without assistance..

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

© 2018 L. James Rice