Combat Maneuvers

A good deal has changed since this page has been updated, so this is long overdue! Below we find an attack Maneuver called the Mezzo Tempo, a term which should sound familiar to fencing aficionados. Its use here, as with all maneuvers and their terminology, is related but not necessarily exact. Essentially, this is to attempt at a preemptive strike that also keeps the opponent at Melee or Onset Range.

Here we also now see the new 6 levels of Mastery that will be present with all Maneuvers, both Combat and Social. An important feature to Maneuvers is that they always have a potential effect on combat, so some maneuvers can be a net positive, albeit diminished, even when they fail. And even if the result is a negative in general, attempting to perform the Maneuver with an Offensive or Defensive mindset will not only result in different victorious outcomes, but also different outcomes in failure. The example below illustrates an effective "defensive" attack, particularly against Counter Maneuvers, where failure may diminish incoming damage.

Mezzo Tempo (Attack)

An attempt to make a quick attack that keeps the opponent at Melee or Onset Range. If successful, this will deny the Bull Rush Maneuver its automatic Tight Range. Additionally, it is an effective Maneuver versus Counters, as by its nature it is on the defensive side. However, the Clear Maneuver gains +50 versus the Mezzo Tempo.

Disposition: Offensive or Defensive
Requirements: Must be made from Melee or Onset Range.
Base Effect: -5 Severity Attack, +3 Advantage
Secondary Effect: Retain Melee or Onset Range (Choice) versus Bull Rush and similar Attacks
Offensive Failure: -4 Advantage OR -2 Hit Severity vs any Counter Maneuver
Defensive Failure: -1 Hit Severity vs any Counter Maneuver.

Mastery 0: -7 
Mastery 1: +0
Mastery 2: +2 Advantage, +2 Balance Damage
Mastery 3: +3 Advantage, +3 Balance Damage 
Mastery 4: +3 Advantage, +4 Balance Damage
Mastery 5: +4 Advantage, +4 Balance Damage
Mastery 6: +5 Advantage, +5 Balance Damage


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