Example Spell Tree: Mental Subversion

Here is an example Spell Tree, which currently has sixty-one spells, and the descriptions for the first eight spells. A quick primer on what you see here!

Trunk: Spells are available to anyone who studies the Tree.
1st Branch: Spells are available to those who Specialize in the Tree.
2nd Branch: Spells are available to those who Double Specialize. 
3rd Branch: Spells are available to Double Specialized Characters, also called Research Spells. 
Tier: The base number of Elemental Points required in order to cast the spell. 

Disclaimer: What you see here is in playtest, and not set in stone.

One of the key factors to note in the following introduction to spells, are the available Scaling Options. 

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

© 2018 L. James Rice