Sundering the Gods: City of Whispers

CITY OF WHISPERS: The third book in the trilogy stands at about 10% finished, with the ending fully roughed out. The thought of writing this ending gives me goosebumps. I'm going to love it. 


THE CONTESSA OF MOSTOL: In CITY OF GHOSTS, readers will the meet the Contessa of Mostol. She is a lady of the Gorotan with a tale of revenge which pays its respects to the classic COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. 


A KINGDOM FOR SINNERS AND SAINTS: This trilogy (early in its planning stages) follows events after the SUNDERING THE GODS Trilogy. Not much can be said here without being a spoiler. Book one's working Title: Dark Cloud Dancing.

EYES OF THE FOURTH QUEEN: So far this is conceptually a stand-alone novel set on the Olfindara Islands which begins just as the world is coming out of the Great Forgetting. The king is dead, and everyone's memories are scrambled. It's a murder mystery in a kingdom on the verge of civil war, and even the murderer may not remember they're guilty.

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

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