A Short Version of the Darâ Creation Myth

Ibinû is the universe as the supreme being.  He sleeps and dreams, and his dreams create mighty beings, with each creation sapping a bit of his power, so every day he awakes, he slays his dream creations to recoup his power, until one day, he awakes to a creation who looks exactly like himself.  He spares his "son" with the understanding that his Son keep an eye on his creations as he sleeps.  The Son agrees in order to live, but plots betrayal, and kills some of the creations of his father as Ibinû sleeps, taking their power for himself. In addition, he warns some of the creations, and they disperse into the universe.  

Then, one night, Ibinû dreams of four beautiful women, and the Nameless Son keeps them by his side, and when his father awakes, he convinces his father to let them live, as his servants and wives, to entertain Ibinû in his waking hours. The Nameless Son promises that he will watch them as Ibinû sleeps, and keep them in line for his father.  Ibinû foolishly agrees, and over the next several eons, the Four Queens become extremely powerful under the tutelage of the Son, and finally they confront Ibinû to kill him and take all his power for the Nameless Son.

Ofuzjê, Ibinû uses Fire to defeat her, the sparks flying into the universe to create the stars, and in her final defeat, he envelopes her in a flaming trap, and she becomes the sun, or her prison is the sun, depending on which sect is telling the tale.

Ûlotê, Ibinû defeats using Earth, and she is entrapped in Earth, creating the Sister Continents.

Mêtêsê is defeated using water, and she is frozen, creating the moon (an association between the moon and the tides) and the icy spray falls to the earth, creating the oceans.

Hutuvânu is defeated by winds, which smash her body into the Earth, and dissipate her body into the skies, and she forever roams the winds.

The Son flees into the depths of the universe, later to return with other creations to continue the war: the Darâ explanation for the God Wars and all the races of the Sister Continents.

The Queens are defeated and enslaved, but Ibinû can never sleep again if he is to contain them.  In an effort to keep himself awake and alert, he creates the Darâ, who via their prayers are to aid him in his vigil. It is also seen as part of the Darâ duty to make sacrifice to the Queens, to placate them as best they can. 

Additional Notes:

Animal sacrifice is a staple of the Four Queens religion, and in the darker corners of the religion (in particular those associated with the Queens and the Nameless Son) human sacrifice and the sacrifice of other sentient races is not unheard of.  

The Nameless Son remains something of a devil figure, who hopes to trap Darâ souls, and use them to feed his own powers.

The Four Queens


Dark Aspect-    Famine, Disease, Infertility

Ibinû Aspect-   Verility, Health, Abundance 


Dark Aspect-    War, Storms, Civil Unrest   

Ibinû Aspect-  Peace, Calm Weather, Political Stability 


Dark Aspect-    Darâ Hell, "Bad Luck", Madness   

Ibinû Aspect-  Darâ Paradise, Justice, Emotional Peace 


Dark Aspect-    Poverty, Crime, Chaos   

Ibinû Aspect-  Wealth, Law, Order 


Background Art by Jon Gibbons

© 2018 L. James Rice