Sundering the Gods

Come Heavens or come Hells,
upon the Eve of Snows,
war will rage.



Height: 5’1” (male) 5’3” (female)
Build: Lithe
Hair: Fur covered bodies, tri-colored, leopard spots, with many variant hues of golds, browns, oranges
Eyes: Green, blue
Lifespan: 35-40
Decoration: Minimal, bracelets being the only common jewelry. Painting their individual whiskers during war is a common practice.
Weapon Preferences:
Language: Tevêx
Currency: Lilô - 20% gold electrum base coin
Religion: Rexhuru, many convert to Lûxun Four Dancers Pantheon by early second era.
Religious Tolerance: Nonviolent disdain
Skill Bonuses

A feline people of the Vandunêz continents, the Tevê are in the early FE a tribal people with distinct territories and no sense of “oneness” with each other. Being well-adapted to a nocturnal existence they often fallback to this lifestyle when threatened, and are so effective with this that for many years the Ûvî did not know of their existence. Additionally, the Tevê having domesticated a swift breed of antelope called Ferxî for riding which can outpace horses for a short distance and easily out jump and maneuver them through the rutted hills and forests of their home region, which gives them a major advantage against any seeking to harm them. When the Lûxuns arrived in the region they sought out and developed open trade with the Tevê and hired them on as scouts and guides. This simple relationship eventually developed into a tacit alliance between the two peoples that remained well past the height of Lûxun power. 

In appearance the Tevê are a short, lithe people most often with short tri-colored fur with leopard-like spots. Their eyes are very large and suited to a nocturnal life, which gives them what most humans consider a “cute” appearance. They are extremely agile, fast, and capable of leaping great heights and distances. Climbing a tree and leaping 20 feet to another trunk is relatively mundane and barely a risk. Soft spoken and charismatic when they want to be, the Tevê have had few long-term conflicts with their neighbors, except the troglodyte Bokœ in the Motokôtô Mountains, who enjoy wearing the pretty hides of the Tevê.

The Rexhuru pays homage to the “Eleven of the Night” who are characterized by predator animals known for activities from dusk to dawn: leopard, tree tiger, bôgeru, moon-hound, horned owl, shriek owl, civi cat, dread bat, xîvir hawk, silver bear, and lordarn bear. It is said that the Eleven can come together as one mighty feline-esque dragon-creature known as Otohûrû if the Tevê are ever threatened as a people. The Rexhuru appears to be a Spirit-Pantheon, as there do appear to be physical manifestations of these gods during times of threat to the Tevê. Shrines to their gods are scattered throughout the hills and forest, which can range from intricately carved totems made from entire trees to boulders sculpted into animal form. Although generally a peaceable people, desecration of these totems will bring swift and deadly retribution if caught.


Background Art by Jon Gibbons

© 2018 L. James Rice