Height: 7'0” (male) 6'7"” (female)
Build: Slender for their height
Hair: Golden or silver hues very common, brass or even copper also common
Eyes: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Violet, with many shades
Lifespan:  Immortal
Decoration: Rings and jewelry are extremely common, piercings and tattoos are unheard of
Weapon Preferences: Longswords, javelins, spears and longbows
Language: Êdâs
Religion: Jôlûm
ReligiousTolerance: Highly tolerant but dismissive
Attribute Bonuses

The Êdân are a race of elven people that sometimes seem as different from other elves as those elves are different from humans, and are the (mostly) unquestioned leaders of Eleris, the Mother Woods, that sits in the northeast of Northern Vandunêz. Most peoples consider the entire forest from the Foundations on north as all part of Eleris as it is ruled by elves, but technically Eleris is much smaller. It is only under the most extraordinary of circumstances that you ever encounter an Êdân outside of the Mother Wood, as they have developed a paranoia of Forgettings, which are a most dangerous phenomenon to the Êdân, as being away from the Mother Wood for over long causes a "fading" of their peculiar abilities that can not be recovered.

Once a peson has seen an Êdân there is no mistaking them for another race of elf. Their appearance is almost otherworldly, with a calm and serenity that makes their emotions nearly unreadable. In addition they naturally have a visible soft-white aura, although they can choose to subdue this feature and they appear to not quite touch the ground, as if they walk at all times on thin pillows of air. Most assume this is an illusion assisted by the aura, as it appears to go away when that is doused. Their large eyes come in a multitude of hues, all of which are enhanced with a subtle inner light while the aura is present.

The Êdân are a monotheistic people who follow a god known as Jôlûm, which translate as the Father of the Universe. Unlike most peoples, the Êdân do not believe that their god took part in the God Wars and in fact believe that he has very little interest in any of the world's goings on. He created the universe and is the universe, so every plant, animal, person, and god is a part of Jôlûm. Because of this they are accepting of peoples' beliefs but they are also dismissive in a way that rubs some wrong.

Although they have no allies nor enemies in their own minds, the Tek hate the Êdân dating to at least the Age of Warlords if not to the God Wars. Many Tek nations have tried to hurt the Êdân and their Eleris, but not only have all attempts been failures, most prove to be humiliating, and the hatred grows even as the attacks diminish in number. Instead of seeking retribution the Êdân simply shrug off the attacks of the Teks or any other people, seemingly without the emotion for vengeance despite their horrific prowess at warfare. 

One might suspect that an isolationist people such as the Êdân would have no presence in the outside world, but this is incorrect. The Êdân are fascinated with the world at large and its history and peoples, but instead of traveling themselves, they usually send the Trelelûnin or Helelindin in their stead. These two elven peoples needn't fear Forgettings like the Êdân do and so they are more than willing to serve as ambassadors, researchers, and explorers in all places the Êdân will not go. 

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

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