Sundering the Gods

Come Heavens or come Hells,
upon the Eve of Snows,
war will rage.


Silonê (Si-lon-ē)

(Art by Joe Shawcross)

The Silonê are a tall and long lived human culture which resides upon the southern portion of the northern island of Kaludor early in the First Era of Stability. After the Great Forgetting, the Silonê had a stronger memory recall for family than a great many other cultures, perhaps in part due to their tight-knit clan structure. These memories of family caused a huge shift in the political power structure, raising the individual clans above the church of the Pantheon of Sôl. In the days following the Forgetting, seven clans rose to take control. These wars were bloody, but not as brutal as many of the war which occurred around the world. As the Clan Wars were settled, the Church sought to wrest power, and so began the War of Seven Lies, which ended with the clans in power.

Being a northern people, the Silonê sense of fashion tends to be heavy and layered, using the furs of elk, goat, bear, and other animals to survive the harsh climate. The Silonê have a wealth of iron in their mountains, and are adequately advanced to smelt that iron and create fairly high quality steel weapons. Gold and silver are also found in the mountains, and is a major part of their trade with other nations.

Over the years several war parties from various Tek nations sailed in from the continent to loot the Silonê shores, meeting with highly varied degrees of success. The Silonê consider the Tek rapers, pillagers and slavers and have very little but violent contact with these peoples for several hundred years, but a small amount of trade between the two peoples does gradually develop.

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

© 2018 L. James Rice