Epic Adventure from the Beginning of Remembered Time

to the End of the World


The Sister Continents is a world designed to take the adventurer, the Gamemaster and the reader on a journey through the times and events that span seven-thousand years, from the Day of Forgetting right up to the eventual end of the world. Campaigns will be structured in trilogies that focus heavily on story and history building, and each will include several optional side-ventures for more open-ended play that will allow exploration outside the main story-arc. In the midst of their journeys, adventurers will encounter and interact with characters and events from the short stories and novels while solving mysteries from the local geopolitical to the fundamental nature of the world.

In the Sister Continents the Elements (magic) functions as a form of technology, and in order to represent this magic will evolve, passing through rising phases of development as the campaigns advance through time, ranging from the low-magic of natural casters where magic is a rare treasure to the high-magic schools to equal and surpass industrial technology, where magic is an everyday factor in the lives of all peoples. The Sister Continents RPG system and all item creation sub-systems are specifically designed to function in a flexible fashion for this purpose and should add layers of diversity for GMs and Players who play multiple campaigns within the world setting, as well as give the GM tools for expansion of the campaigns. 

For the public at large, much of the work will be hidden from view for the time being, but there will be adequate information to give folks an idea of where the world and game are heading, as well as some works of fiction made available. To this end, there will be three sections open to the public: The World, The Game and The Fiction, as well as corresponding sections available only to developers, play testers and the like, who will need to login in order to view the core of world and systems.

With that said, feel free to explore!

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