The Slave Fields are referenced several times throughout the trilogy, but what are they? In the Silonê mythology there are the Seven Heavens, and the Twelve Hells, as well as the Slave Fields and Slave Forges. The Slave Fields are a place between the tortures of the Hells and the rapture of the Heavens, a place of humility and hard work. Souls who fall into the Hells may in time rise to the Slave Fields, where they may never utter their names while laboring for the Gods until such time as they earn the First Heaven.

Tidbit #1: It is said that during the God Wars the priests of Sôl harvested the souls of the enemy, and they were brought to the Slave Fields, to work, and either earn their way into the Heavens or the Hells.

Tidbit #2: The Silonê do not believe in slavery in the mortal world because the religion teaches that only the Gods may make a man a slave. This shouldn't be construed as a kindness, during the God Wars it simply meant enemy prisoners were put to death for the Gods to decide their fate. 

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

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