In addition to the Slave Fields, there are the Slave Forges. While the Fields are a place a place of atonement for worldly sins that lay between the Heavens and the Hells, the Forges are reserved for those who fail to earn their way from the Hells, or who so betrayed the Gods that they are undeserving of the Hells and their earned path to the Fields and onward to the Heavens. 

There are several jobs, so to speak, in the forges, all of them being painful. A soul cursed to the forges  begins by pumping the bellows, then they may earn the job of the smith. Alternately, a soul may fail at the bellows and be cast into the fire for fuel, where a smith might eventually pull their being from the fires and hammer them into a more useful shape... a weapon generally. If the soul was of a quality to produce a fine weapon, it is said that they were sent to the Sister Continents and were the weapons used by the Maimers to wound enemies for soul extraction. Nobody knows if this is true, particularly after the Age of God Wars, when the Maimers and Mercies were banished from the world, but priests claim the arsenal of the Maimers grows over the centuries, awaiting a time when the Gods are able to  return to the world.

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

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