The Fire in the Eye

In a recent ad going around on Facebook, there is an image of a woman's eye with a ball of fire and dragon's swirling around it. (SEE the Image below) A couple of people have emailed me asking if that's just a cool image, or if it had something to do with Eliles and her magic.

Yes, it is a cool image, and yes, it can be interpreted to have a little something to do with Eliles. But, the fantasy-reality here is that the image plays into the creation myth of the Sister Continents.

If you've read the Tomes of the Touched (the quotes at the beginning of chapters) you've received glimpses into the world's future, present, and past. My hope is that people read and reread these chapter intros over time as the books move along, there's more to many of them than meets the fire in the eye. So flip to Chapter Four:

Upon the creation of the world, the First Dragons cast their seed, in the light of a Sun and a Thousand Suns, Beneath the Moon and a Thousand Moons, On a world and a Thousand Worlds.

Now you might have an idea of what the image of dragons represents! It would be going into world building spoilers to explain this entire quote, so I will keep it simple. The central pupil of fire represents the Sister Continents, and those are an artistic representation of the First Dragons.

In fantasy-reality, there were more than two dragons, and there is also a debate over whether some had wings. But, this goes deeper into the mythology surrounding dragons on the Sister Continents, and so will be left for a later time.


Combined Fire Eye.jpg

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

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