The Tûwargô Fwôd

(Excerpt from the Campaign Book)

First we will take a look at the Tûwargô, who dwell in the eastern mountains and jungles of the island Erlêu. Of all the Fwôd tribes this is likely the most powerful and well established, as they sit in territory that the Darâ don’t dare tread, nor have they found good reason to take the risk. Once past the initial lighter jungle of the island, where the Darâ harvest Lufê, one will find crude stone-tipped spears, tied with bright feathers and bones, set in the ground. This is Tûwargô territory, and stepping beyond a spear is to risk attack. In fact, the Tûwargô spears used in battle are mostly bronze tipped, but for whatever reason the territorial markers are of stone.

In appearance the Tûwargô most closely resemble the Gorilla, with black fur and long powerful arms. The males average 5’8” and can reach 500 pounds, while the females average 5’3” and 275 pounds. Both sexes grow the large curled horns, which may be used in combat much like rams.  With their size and power, a head butt and grapple combination attack is often extremely lethal without taking into consideration their weapons. The older Tûwargô’s fur will turn silvery-gray, but unlike the gorilla, this coloration takes place mostly around the face, chest, and shoulders.

The Tûwargô often wear crude clothing, of their own make or collected from victims, and quite often adorn their fur with bones. The warriors and shaman of the Tûwargô will also dye their fur in elaborate designs, sometimes just coloring the tips of their fur. Painted skulls are also popular amongst elder Tûwargô.

The Tûwargô are a “borrower” culture, rather than a creative one, as outside of their spears, their armor and other weapons are typically the result of pilfering fallen enemy. High ranking Tûwargô are often seen wearing a wild assortment of gear.

The Tûwargô language involves a great deal of gesture as well as spoken words, but to the best of anyone’s knowledge, nobody other than  Fwôd has knowledge of this language.

Illustration by Eric Lofgren

 And here is second race of Fwôd, details pending, but here is an illustration!


Background Art by Jon Gibbons

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