Here we are going to take a look at a couple example weapons, starting with the ever simple Dagger, and delve into the numbers and stats.


A very basic thrusting weapon only minimally sharpened on the edges, if at all.
Damages: Slice = Light (-10/-4) Impact = Light (0/-15) Puncture = Modest (-12/+4)
Primary Attack: Puncture Grapple: No 
Weight: .75 Integrity: 3 Damage:10 Reach: 1 Fumble: 2 Speed: 1.5 Defense: 1.0

The name of the weapon and its description are self explanatory, and the Damages might also seem to be, but what do "Light" and "Modest' mean, and what are those parenthetical numbers next to them? The Modest Puncture Damage for the Dagger is called its Damage Rating or Category, and determines what column is used on the To Hit Chart during combat. The numbers in the parentheses are called Severity Modifiers, which may raise or lower the damage as rolled on the Hit Severity Chart. The first number is the "BF" or Balance/Focus Rating, which is added to either the Balance or Focus damage as determined on the Severity Chart. The second number is the "Bl" or Blood Rating of the weapon, which is added to the Blood Rating of the Severity of hit. Whenever the combined Balance, Focus or Blood goes above zero, the target is affected.

The Primary Attack is the type of attack the GM will assume a Player is using with a weapon unless otherwise specified. In certain tactical situations a Player may not want to stab an opponent, or be unable to, so they might choose a Pommel Bash using Impact, or they might be attempting a combat maneuver that utilizes a slashing attack, and hence use the Slice Rating.

Grapple: Indicates whether the weapon is capable of a grapple attack, and whether it has a bonus for such.

Weight is simply the weight in pounds, which effects a Character's encumbrance.

Integrity is a measure of how difficult it is to damage a weapon, and Damage represents how many times the Integrity may be affected before breaking. These rules are in a transitional testing stage, and are sure to change, and so this number will likely also change. 

Reach is the range of a melee weapon, and it greatly impacts the Character's initiative in combat. Wielding a longer weapon will give an opponent superior initiative in the opening stages of combat, and effect the types of attacks that may be done.

Fumble is the "automatic miss" chance for any weapon, and also assists in determining how severe a "fumble" is.

Speed is how fast a weapon may be wielded. A faster weapon will have an advantage over weapons of the same Reach, and potentially even more importantly, faster weapons are more able to "string together" a series of attacks in a single round via Combat Maneuvers.

Defense represents how well adapted a weapon is to defending the wielder, and is utilized as a multiplier within the weapons Skill Rating. In the case of the Dagger, its defense being "1", it will neither increase nor decrease the Character's ability to defend themselves.

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