The First Rule of Blog Club is:

I'm not a blogger.

The second rule of blog club is "there is no hitting the author" no matter how much you might feel like destroying something beautiful. Which nature already took care of anyhow.

The third rule of blog club is "Sister Continents politics only." The real world is inundated with 24x7 insanity, and it will not cross the barrier into my fantasy musings... at least not in this blog.

So, what will you find on this blog? Borderline gibberish with an occasional bit of profundity (which you should ignore, because it will not be on purpose) followed by more deviations into the absurd. Most everything will involve writing in some manner or another.

So, with those rules in place... Welcome to the "Tomes of the Touched."

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

© 2018 L. James Rice