The Sister Continents

The Story of Eve of Snows takes place on the island of Kaludor, above the Northern Vandunez continent, but the world itself is known as the Sister Continents. There is a reason for this name, but this would be a spoiler which would lead into further spoilers in order to explain, so I won't go there.

During the Age of God Wars the world was dominated by a single super continent and sixteen major pantheons of gods. Initially there was (relative) peace in the world, but over the centuries the gods learned how to access the world personally for short periods, and something changed: War flared, and it didn't stop until the First Forgetting. The gods were banished from the world, and nobody remembers why. And perhaps even stranger, the world has been broken into seven continents.

But this is not the end.

The world and its magic became unstable, creating what is known as the Age of Warlords. During this period memories could disappear in a flash, islands could appear or disappear, entire civilizations disappeared. Still, the world is populated by wildly diverse and intelligent peoples, and these peoples seek solace and survival through their tenuous connections to their gods and the magic all around them. Some five hundred years after the First Forgetting comes the event known as the Great Forgetting (for most mortal peoples, this is the only forgetting they know about). Memories are wiped, pieces of land disappear (most prominent, a land bridge between Anduras and Southern Vandunez) but the world and its magic stabilizes. 

The story starts in the Sundering the Gods trilogy, but will travel around the world (perhaps even through time... a visit to the God Wars, maybe?) and span thousands of years. Until the world comes to an end... with neither a bang nor a whimper.

Background Art by Jon Gibbons

© 2018 L. James Rice