Book 1.5: Meliu

A book teaser!

Folks who've read Sundering the Gods Book One: Eve of Snows, will hopefully recognize the name Meliu. She is a priestess in her early twenties, and a rising star amongst scholars dedicated to the study of the Pantheon of Sol. We first met her right up front in Chapter One, and she reappears later, with her major role being to return a book to the library before her fines get too crazy... Okay! Not the real motivation, but I liked the sound of it.

Anyhow, Meliu disappears in Eve of Snows, but that doesn't mean she wasn't busy. In fact, she was so busy (staying alive) that she will become a major Point of View character in Book Two: Trail of Pyres. While writing early parts of Pyres it dawned on me that it would be pretty cool to see all the backstory events this gal has been put through, and how she got where she's at.

This leads to the creation of book 1.5, a novella, which will serve as a bridge for Meliu into book 2's starring role. This book will be free to newsletter subscribers, and $0.99 on Amazon, with a tentative release in early December for the Christmas season.

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Background Art by Jon Gibbons

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